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The compared results indicate that there are different threshold levels of plastic strain for the initial damage of solder joints under two cyclic applied loads; meanwhile, fatigue crack initiation occurs at different locations, and the accumulation of equivalent plastic strain determines the trend and direction of fatigue crack propagation. In ...

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comparisons. Others have recommend monitoring: plastic work per volume (NLPLWK), equivalent plastic strain (NLEPEQ), accumulated plastic/creep strain (EPPLEQ/EPCREQV), etc. You will have to decide whether a single metric is possible based on the observed physics of failure for a complete comparison. There is sometimes a fatigue-induced solder

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εfrac σ the plastic fracture strain (true strain) of the tensile test. Rν is a function that considers the damage behavior in dependence on the triaxiality of the stress ten-sor [3]: 2 eqv (1 ) 3 (1 2) h 3 2 R σ σ ν = ⋅ + ν + ⋅ − ν ⋅ (2) where σh is the hydrostatic stress and σeqv is the von-Mises equivalent stress. The damage in- If your analysis includes large-strain effects, your stress-strain data must be expressed in terms of truestress and true (or logarithmic) strain. For more information on building models in ANSYS, see the ANSYS Modeling and Meshing Guide.

A strain energy based first order model is capable of relatively accurate prediction out to 50,000 power cycles with dwell times less than 5 minutes. This would suggest that plastic strain and creep continue to play a critical role in solder joint fatigue even under conditions that would tend to be extended beyond typical low-cycle fatigue.

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